Saturday, December 4, 2010


My number one grandchild turned 21 a week ago.  I am sorry this did not get posted on her very birthday.  Life was just too involved then.  We usually get to be with Jade on her birthday since it is so close to Thanksgiving.  I could not have chosen a better person to be my 1st granddaughter.  She is such a wonderful example.
See they all lick the candles because she does!

Wasn't it just yesterday she was this little?
Such a cute little family!

Was Jade always happy?

And a baby sister to love!

Here are a few of the things I love about Jade:

1. She has always been such a good, obedient girl. At one time Seminary was her favorite class.  She has had serious talks with her friends about why they needed to get their act together so they could be married in the temple like she plans to.  She maintains standards no matter who she is with.

2.  Jade has a testimony of her own. This is one of my favorite pictures from when she came with us to Israel.  It is in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jade found an isolated bench and contemplated the sacrifice that was made for us and was moved to tears.  I was quite a ways off, but was overwhelmed that one so young could feel the spirit and understand.  It made the trip worth it for me.

3.  Jade loves her family.  She is very close to them and lets them know she loves them and they in turn adore her.

4.  Like her mother and father, Jade loves children.  She will be a wonderful mother some day.  She has a wonderful way with kids. 

5.  Jade is beautiful.  She has beautiful eyes and a smile that never quits among so many other things. To enhance her looks she has a sense of style and knows how to dress to look her best.

6.  Jade is smart.  She works hard in school and is dedicated to getting her nursing degree. 

7.  She is persistent.Though waiting lists are long for nursing programs, she continues to work to attain that goal.  She has her CNA and is working at McKay Dee hospital for IHC while she takes classes.  It is just a matter of time until that opening comes for her.

8.  Jade is fun to be with.  This is in Galilee as she finishes off "St Peter's Fish."

The young Israeli soldiers were very taken by this fun, beautiful girl.  Her grandfather stayed very close at hand to be sure they knew how special she really was. Can you just hear her laugh?

On our Israel trip, Jade tried everything:  riding camels, donkeys, swimming in the Dead Sea. 

9.  Jade has many talents and uses them.  She has a beautiful voice. She plays golf well enough to get a college scholarship in golf.

Here she sang in St Annes Cathedral in Jerusalem with others who shared her gift of music.

10.  Jade is kind and thoughtful.  She has empathy and cares for those around her.  She extends her loving personality to those around her, including me.

I left off the crutches.  Did not want to mention that she broke her foot doing double-dutch jump rope.

Beautiful mother and daughter

It is going to be a wonderful year for a wonderful girl.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


We celebrated Jen's birthday today.  She is so young, pretty and young at heart.  She livens up any place she is.  However, her elderly mother-in - law is beat, so I will do my little tribute in the morning.

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Uh-oh, it is now past morning and I have not gotten back to this blog until now.  So here are some of the things I love about Jen:
1.  Jen is probably tired of hearing me say she is a wonderful mother, but it is true.  From the minute Jade was born, she has totally immersed herself into being a good mother to her girls.  She spends time with them.  She teaches them.  She fills them up with love and security.  They are both wonderful young women.  I am so glad Jennifer is the mother of my granddaughters.

2.  The church is a constant in Jennifer's life.  She has tried hard to do all the things that we are counseled to do to live the gospel.  Her family have testimonies also.

3.  Most of my pictures of Jen have her with children.  She loves them and they quickly love her.  I can honestly say that sometimes when the grandkids come to visit that Jen is a better "grandma" to them than I am.  I get caught up in cooking and doing and she plays with them.

4.  Jen is a lot of fun.  We laugh more and have a better time when she is around.  Of course, we have a lot of funny stories to tell on Jen, too.  She says funny things.

5.  Jennifer is beautiful.  She always looks nice and is one of the most attractive women in any room. Her sense of style keeps her always in fashion.

6.  Jen loves my son, Adam, through thick and thin.  I am so proud of them that they continue to work and improve their marriage and understand how important their love is to the whole family.

Jen and her mom, Karen.

7.  Jen is the fun mom.  Her Young Women love her and the girls friends love being with Jen as well as with Bailey or Jade.  She always knows what's in and what's up in their lives.

8.  Jen is very health conscious.  She is dedicated to working out regularly as often as she can.  She also knows a great deal about which foods are best for us and helps her family eat healthy without be overbearing about it.

9.  Jen is a good help at our home.  On Sundays she steps in and makes the meal preparation so much easier.  She has always been a great help when it is time to clean up. She is the one to see it to the end.

10.  Jen is very smart and capable.  If she has to learn a new program for work, she sets about it on her own and masters it.  She keeps informed on the things that are important for whatever she is involved in--work, church callings, health issues, school matters, and many venues.  She has been over-qualified for about every job she has had lately, because there are so few to be had these days.  I think her employers have really gotten a deal when they hire Jennifer.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


David Stohl Hatch  1922-2010

Two of my uncles passed away and  had funerals in the last two weeks.  It was the worst for my Aunt Barbara who lost her husband and her twin brother in about ten days. David Hatch was a wonderful man, married to my mothers only sister, Barbara, after she lost her husband Wayne Durham to MS.  He was a kind and gentle man who took good care of Aunt Barbara after her many years of caring for others. He was always so supportive and loving. They served together for many years in the Salt Lake Temple and were directors of the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center. He had been an executive with ZCMI and also in the Army in WW II and in the Reserves after.

I had not been able to get to David Hatch's funeral, but when it worked out for me to attend Uncle Boyd's in the Bay Area, I jumped at the chance.  I was so glad that I did.  Spence and I met in the SF airport and spent the day together.  I wish we had more time to be together.  You just have to grab what you can.  I loved hearing about Uncle Boyd's life.  He was a civil engineer for Utah Power and Light and then GE when they were bought out.  He headed up many big, big projects in far away places like Australia's Snowy Mountains.  We were always proud of his accomplishments.  The phrase I heard over and over at the memorial was that after they made Uncle Boyd they threw away the mold.

A world traveller

Of the 26 cousins in our Paulson family, 13 of us from all four families were there.  That is pretty good considering we live in at least five different states and 4 have passed away. There was a special feeling being together.

Paul, Janie, Cole, Kathy, Gina, Me, Spence, Beth, Mark, Julie, Liz, Carol, and Cathy

Paul, Mark and Cole Durham with Spence

Spence, Liz, Beth, Cathy, Carol, and Gina

We need to see each other when it isn't a sad occasion.  My mom would be so pleased.  It was a wonderful celebration of Uncle Boyd's life, though.  I only wish I could have been at Uncle David's as well.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay, so I am way over the top with my birthday posts.  I have so many birthdays in my family and I have gradually worked up to putting so many pictures that I dread even posting one other thing.  I apologize to you family members who may be getting less pictures, but this is out of control.  I need to get to doing quick little weekly posts or something.  Also I now have four people I have missed.  I will try to catch up at a more reasonable number of pictures before the next birthday puts me behind even more.  I love you all just as much.  I am just a slacker.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Mackenzie turned 9 years old today!  Where does the time go?
It seems like just yesterday she was this age...

Wasn't she beautiful even then?

Loved to be on stage...

Here are some of the things I love about Mackenzie:

1.  She loves her sister and her brother and is such a good help with them.

With new baby sister, Kayla.

2.  Mackenzie has personality.  She loves to laugh and join in the fun, dress up.  At first her parents worried that she was slow to talk, but she is a great conversationalist now.

3,  Mackenzie loves to sing and is developing her talent on the piano.  She loves to play and is picking it up very quickly.  She has inherited her mother's love of music.

4.  Mackenzie has beautiful eyes.  I think she got a little of my grandmother, Mabel Alexander's beautiful round eyes with thick lashes.  She got her mother's beautiful blue color, however.

5.  She is a willing helper.  She helps with her sister and brother and is great at helping with chores and cooking jobs.  She always helps decorate our Christmas tree.

6.  She is a good friend.  She has many neighborhood, school, church and family friends and is kind and thoughtful.  Here she is with her cousin Halle.

7.  Mackenzie loves the beach as any California girl should.  She loves the water, but I often see her being creative in the sand. She is very imaginative and creative in all her activities.

8.  Mackenzie loves to play soccer. She has been playing since she was little and really puts a lot of effort into playing and has been a valuable player on all the teams she has played on.

Baby Ethan is born.

You can tell she loves him.

  Mackenzie is willing to try new things.  She had never been around horses, but at almost  6 she was bold and willing try the whole experience of riding and did a good job.

She loves Papa's dogs, but mostly when they are little.

  She is a good swimmer and has lots of fun in the pool with family and friends.

Turning 8 years old

9.  Mackenzie has a testimony and wanted to be baptized.  She was so excited for this special day when her dad baptized her.

With cousins at Grand Camp.

10.  Mackenzie is a good student.  She tries hard in class and excels in many areas.  She especially loves math.

She is still growing taller and still beautiful!

Happy, happy birthday, Mackenzie.  I love you so much!